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A Tired Woman

The more chances I give, the more chances you take. I can't continue to live with your same old mistakes. I'm tired of accepting apologies for the things you do to me. The more you say "I'm sorry", the harder is to believe.

Here I Am In Love

I never knew my dreams were you, never had a clue. I never felt like I would live long enough to feel a love that’s real and strong enough. But now I’m waking up to the most beautiful view.

Today Starts Forever

Until you introduced me to a world I didn’t know; I couldn’t gravitate as I was lost floating in space. Now love is my axis, and your heart is my globe. Now everything on this earth revolves around you. Everything I couldn’t find at first; I found in you.


I want to shower you with a love that forever rains, so that the root of your heart grows into my everything. I want to learn to love everything about you and to feel misplaced if I did anything without you, because a heart isn’t worth anything without two.