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The more chances I give; the more chances you take. I can’t continue to live with your same old mistakes. I’m tired of accepting apologies for the things you do to me. The more you say “I’m sorry”, the harder it is to believe. How could you apologize and be sorry over and over again? If you were really apologetic; the sorry days would end. I’m tired of being a woman who’s tired of a man that doesn’t know when good love is in his hands. I’m tired of living a lie; pretending like everything is alright. But when I express how I feel, you just want to fuss and fight. I’m tired of… Read More

I have never had a feeling like this in my life before. All I know is that this is a feeling I can’t ignore. I found a gift that we share in which only God could give. From my heart I promise you this is what it is… It is you. It is I. It is us. This is love. The thought of you feels better than being with anyone. When I think of you I always think about the next time I get to look into your eyes and see what love has done. I know that everyone finds love in their lifetime, but I doubt their hearts will beat like mine. No one could make me shine like your shine. It’s like we’re at different ends of an electrical line and God is turning me on to a love that’s too kind. May I cherish your love the way that God cherishes us. I want to love you so hard until you realize this is love. I know…. Read More

Ever since my heart has grasped the love you hold, the anticipation of this day has done nothing but grown. Until you introduced me to a world I didn’t know; I couldn’t gravitate as I was lost floating in space. Now love is my axis, and your heart is my globe. Now everything on this earth revolves around you. Everything I couldn’t find at first; I found in you. I found a heart that speaks to me with its every beat, and there’s no better sound than the sound of you accepting my heart forever with all of its needs. Today starts forever together; no more separately. For worse or better; through rain, snow, or sleet, my heart will sustain any weather for you and me. No matter how difficult the times may beRead More

I don’t know how long this will last. Will my anxiety pass or will I have sleepless nights every day of my life until I am able to reach out and touch what I’ve never had? Love! I know you are just that… Love! It just doesn’t seem right when I can’t touch you because you’re not within my sight. I’ve seen your words and I’ve heard your beautiful voice. I think my arms deserve to be around your beautiful core. Love! I see you, but we’re divided by a wall made of glass. Every time I try touching you and hugging you I end up reaching out for something that I can’t grasp. When I wake up each day, my very first thought is of you, and when my thoughts rest, they turn into dreams of you. I always dream of the day my heart lives inside of you. Your address is unknown to me, but I am so ready to move. I don’t want to spend the night; I want to spend my life. Love! You seem so far away, but… Read More

From the top of your head to the sole of your feet, please keep giving me everything that I see.  As you give me everything that’s visible to me; I also want the things that I can’t see… like your mind, your soul, and your beautiful heart beat.  I want to learn to know your favorite everything, and everything that you don’t like will never be seen.  I’ll make sure your needs never turn into wants, and everything that you want is what I want you to need.  Just to have the honor of sharing the air you breathe makes me inhale and exhale each moment… slowly.  Like a whiff of a scratch and sniff scent with roses, or like a night drift reaching shore from the ocean.  I want to be the one you adore and your devotion.  I want to shower you with a love that forever rains, so that the root of your heart grows into my everything.  I want to learn to love everything about you… Read More