One thing we all have in common is the ability to feel our emotions. This poetic blog is an inspiration to readers of those various emotions and feelings that result from relationships. As you navigate through the Emotions of Love blog you’ll find words that will help empathize and comfort you during your most painful times. You’ll also find words that will help motivate you and celebrate your present happiness. Emotions of Love provides a unique way of articulating feelings into text and giving readers a deeper insight on relationships from various angles. The mission of Emotions of Love is to move your emotions with heartfelt words of empathy and inspiration.

About The Writer


Hello. I’m Rodrick Bates and I enjoy writing inspiring and heartfelt poems and posts on love, life, and relationships.


How did I fall in love with writing?

I think with always being more reserved and on the quiet side, the pen and paper were destined to become two of my best friends. The union between the pen, paper, and me officially formed in the late 90’s when I was searching for a unique way to articulate the feelings I had in a relationship. After my first poem was born, out of nervousness I held on to it for a few days. When I finally gathered the strength to let my girl read it, I don’t know if I was more shocked from how special it made her feel or that I could actually write something that made someone feel that special.

After a few years of poetically pouring my feelings out in ink, I challenged my imagination and started writing about how other people may feel or have felt. I also began writing about the relationships of people around me. I was gaining inspiration from songs, television, and movies as well. Eventually I gained even more courage and let even more people lay eyes on my sacred words. The feedback was always great and encouraging. I became 100% open to sharing my poetry just in time to catch the Myspace craze. It was great hearing the encouraging words from family and friends, but getting kudos from strangers was a totally different form of validation. I began receiving inbox requests from readers who were fans of my work, asking to write poems about how they were feeling or what they have been through.

In 2006 I published my first chapbook or compilation of poems, Emotions of Love, which this blog is titled after. So throughout my writing journey I have went from searching for a different channel to display my feelings to mostly writing to encourage and inspire others. It’s safe to say that I’ve definitely become more engaged with the latter.