As Patient As Love Is

Published by Rodrick Bates on


We all have had that anxiety attack from anticipating love. You know, when we meet that certain person that we just can’t get enough of. When we prematurely listen for wedding bells but we’re not one hundred percent sure of what love really sounds like ourselves. When we give so much of ourselves so fast that we don’t even take the time to find out if what we’re giving is being reciprocated enough to last. These anxiety attacks of love don’t really attack our hearts. They attack and alter our minds. They cause us to forget about what we have and concentrate on where we think we should be, and this is when the premeditated thoughts in our minds attempt to alter the design. Finding our mate will seem like a daunting task – as long as we are looking for our mate. If we are as patient with love as love is with us, we would save ourselves a lot of heartaches. Waking up each day feeling disappointed because we don’t carry a certain title is more likely to leave us vulnerable and spinning in a disappointing cycle. A cycle of days that turn into weeks, months, and maybe even years if we are not as patient as love is. If we patiently wait for the one who is truly in store for us, we can truly enjoy life while we’re waiting for love. So enjoy who you are and what you already have, because love is on its way. If you want a love that’s pure, sure, and secure you have to understand this – love is not meant to be chased, it’s not a race. Love is meant to be a gift, and to receive it you have to be just as patient as love is.

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