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You may reach a point in life where you feel like something has to give, a point to where you have waited and waited with more patience and more patience until your patience becomes so deflated that it turns into frustration. You may feel like you have worked so hard for so long with so much faith that you start to question what have you been doing wrong from day to day. It’s natural to feel a little down when your work, patience, and faith doesn’t seem to be gratifying. This is when you really should take a step back and ask yourself, “Who am I satisfying?” Are you planting seeds in fruitful soil for personal wealth, or are you eager to step into the direction that God wants you to step?  There’s a big difference between praying that God develops you into the person he wants you to be, versus crying for help. Your cry for help could seem more like a disguise to only help yourself, but your selfless prayer for tools to help others may seem like a request to help you and everyone else. So when you become frustrated from waiting on your breakthrough, make sure you understand what you’re asking God to break you into, because your breakthrough may not just be for you.

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