Chasing Titles

Published by Rodrick Bates on

Don’t ever replace your desire to be loved with your desire to be recognized. Don’t ever devalue your worth by accepting depreciating lies. Sometimes we want it so much, our impatience encourages us to skip the entire process of truly developing love. Love is not made by what you call it. Love is made by how it is built. When the process is skipped, you’re prematurely manufacturing a title because your desire to be in love has outweighed the natural desire you originally acquired. When love keeps going wrong because you have chased titles for so long, by the time God truly blesses you, love may not even be what you want. Don’t sell yourself short to stand tall in a fake world that’s waiting to celebrate when you crumble. Title chasing is for athletes. If it is your desire to be in love, don’t rush. Just put your heart in the hands of the man who never fumbles.

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