Choose Happiness

Published by Rodrick Bates on


One of the most essential things on earth is being thrilled about your life, but you should feel it and know your worth before God ever gives you a husband or wife. If you’re always downing yourself, or if you’re always frowning and your lip hits the ground when you’re only surrounded by yourself… you really haven’t found yourself.  If you don’t find your wealth, you will produce more potential to become prey than to become a potential mate.  Some people will attempt to bait you in when they sense that you don’t retain happiness within, and pursuing happiness through them will eventually show you where happiness should begin.  If they are not God, never put yourself in a situation where they can say they made you who you are. If you choose happiness before happiness chooses you, you will never lose happiness to a person who uses and abuses you. If looking in the mirror makes you feel blue and you start something new, you are more likely to confuse happiness with the truth. When you are the source to your happiness you will never feel remorse from having it. But when another person carries one hundred percent of the burden of making you feel worthy, you increase your chances of hurting because you never did your soul searching. Another person can bring happiness into your life, but they should be an addition to the happiness you already have inside.  If you choose happiness before you chase happiness you will never have to fake having it.

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