Comfort Her

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Regardless of how strong she appears to be, still find time to hold her. She may not expose every fear that she meets, but still find time to hold her, just in case she is weak. She may not always speak. No, it is not your job to read her mind, but her body language usually provides the signs that say it is time to be her comforter. When she is in need of a consoling blanket, don’t ignore the signs or the sign language. When her day has gone completely wrong you may be the only one who could make it better, but if you ignore her when she gets home she’ll walk right past you if you let her. You’ll never know her pain if you don’t comfort her. Don’t confront her. Be her comforter. All she wants is your hugs and your love, and to know that you are there just because.

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