Cry for Me

Published by Rodrick Bates on


I know troubled times bring you down
In a world of disappointment
I know you’ve search all around
For your heart’s emotional warming
Only to gain nothing from it

It’s hard but you can’t give up
Because your heart has yet to find love
Give me a chance to open up
Your heart to what love really does
And the results will benefit us

Cry out your deepest rain to me
Bring your darkest pain to me
And I promise that I will be
All the sun you’ll ever need
To clear the storm you presently see

My reply to your cries inside
Is the comforting love I provide
Let me love you and let me hug you
And I won’t be satisfied
Until every tear is dry

I know it’s hard to let down your guard
When your heart was hit so hard
But if you cry and open up for love
While we stand in this ring of trust
I promise to take no cheap shots

Cry for me but don’t wipe your tears
That’s why I am here
Don’t fight this inclement weather alone
Allow this unity to fight your fears
And the weather shall be rezoned

I’ll be the sponge as you shed pain
Creating a spot for love
Just cry for me repeatedly
But not like you’re needing me
Just shed the painful past I see

I’m the drain to filter your bleeds
I won’t change once it’s you and me
But for now let’s empty your heart
And reissue it a brand new beat
I’m your tissue, cry for me

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