Published by Rodrick Bates on

As I search for you, I hope it’s true
That one day I’ll end up meeting you
I was born to grasp your warmth
And once that warming day has come
I’ll forever hold you in my arms

You’re my premeditated destination
And my heaven sent revelation
Upon my arrival at your heart’s home
The unknown will become the known
Starting love’s great manifestation

I try to keep patiently waiting
But my anxiety keeps me pacing
As I think of your love inside of me
With anticipation of how it could be
My heart just keeps rapidly racing

Determined to reach my destination
Your confirmation will by my celebration
For you will be my greatest destiny
And I will give you the best of me
For relieving my heart from this vacation

Through any type of situation
I’ll treat you as if our days just began
Each day with you will be brand new
I’ll never let a day go by as misused
Because life was spent searching for you

I don’t even know where you are
But no place in this world is too far
I can’t wait until that sigh of relief
Experiencing your love inside of me
After reaching you, my destiny

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