Give Me A Chance

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Not once in my life have I thought that I was perfect but I have a strong feeling that I’m perfect for you. I know when it comes to being loved; you deserve it. You deserve to feel the way that a woman is supposed to, and I just want to be the one who holds your heart to show you. I feel like God has placed a gift right before my eyes and to not ever open it would leave me hurting inside. I know God didn’t put you here to live this life alone. If you give me a chance to give your heart a happy home, I will always love you like a perfect slow song. Give me a chance to show you a man who understands what to do with a love like yours once it’s in his hands and I will love you each day like I’ll never see you again. I’ll take your thoughts and make your concerns my own. Whenever you talk your voice is where I’ll belong. I can see you and me taking long walks on the beach; holding hands, barefooted in sand till we run out of land. I want to walk with you through a love life that never ends. Every part of me is attracted to everything about you. After waking up, I realized my every dream was about you. If you give me a chance, I’ll give you a love that’s ageless, timeless and priceless that you can walk through life with. I want to write a book of love that turns with endless pages. All I’m missing is the love of my life to write it with. Give me a chance and I’ll make sure this story forever lives.

Categories: Proposal Poems