Happy Mother’s Day

Published by Rodrick Bates on


This is dedicated to the women
Who play many roles to their children,
While naturally caring and giving
All the things that keep them living.
You’re stronger than one can mention.

This is a day that was invented
For us to celebrate
The way you conceived a precious seed,
Until it reached its birth date.
This is a show your worth day.

Whether you’re a mother-to-be,
Or a mother who’s already raising her seeds,
Or a mother with full grown trees…
You’ll always be queens with souls of faith,
And your title will forever hold its place.

You’re the king when there’s no mate.
A life swings in your hands each day.
When the load gets too heavy to hold,
You may bend but you never break.
You just fight and find a new way.

Your worth is much more than gold.
Your soul can never be sold.
Even when it rains the deepest pain,
Your children never notice a change,
Because your smile remains the same.

Your child will never outgrow your name.
“Mother” will always be shouted without shame.
You build memories that never fade.
You should be cherished twenty-four seven,
And not just yearly on Mother’s Day!