Happy Valentine’s Life

Published by Rodrick Bates on


This is more than an overrated day to show how much I love you. This is just one of many ways to validate how much I still do. You’re more than a day to me. You’re more than a day could ever be. When this day leaves and tomorrow arrives, my heart will still beat like the first time… Like the first time I said I love you, like the first time I kissed and hugged you. I may shower you with gifts, candy, and roses, but the gift you shower me with… it waters my heart and grows it. And my heart has grown so much since love has united us. And I’ve never known so much since I’ve grown to know your love. I thank God for this introduction to love and this beautiful connection he’s made. My heart was under construction and He sent me my soul mate. All year around inside my heart there’s a place where your love resides. So to you I say Happy Valentine’s Day. Better yet, Happy Valentine’s Life!