Here I Am In Love

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Here I am… in love. More than I ever imagined. I had many dreams of us, but never in this fashion. And now I see that wearing my heart on my sleeve is the greatest fashion that ever happened. You introduced me to a world that spins perfectly, and I truly believe that it will never end by you hurting me. Your love’s the cure to my emotional needs. Your love is so pure that I want it endured internally for eternity. Your charming heart of gold, linked to your great mind, allows me to wear my lifetime’s most precious find. Love! Not just any love; your love, us, and our love. Once you recognized the pain my past had gained; your heart devoured rain, and then it showered love. Now you’re the sun that generates this solar powered love. I just want us to shine forever together like we’re the two most important lines written in a letter. Carved into my heart like a chiseled stone is where your love belongs, because I know my feelings for you won’t change… ever. I never knew my dreams were you, never had a clue. I never felt like I would live long enough to feel a love that’s real and strong enough. But now I’m waking up to the most beautiful view, which is inside your heart. (Smile) And here I am… in love.

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