Her Smile

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Her smile is diversely beautiful, but it can also be the medicine to her pain. Her smile could represent a silent greeting or interjection, and it could also represent the sun after the rain. Her smile doesn’t make the pain go away. It just makes the symptoms fade. She smiles after being treated wrong, because a lot of people view her as strong, and very few realize that sometimes even she needs a shoulder to lean on. The way that she smiles actually reminds her more of her pain than the way that she frowns. Her frown shows immediate disgust, which opens up a dialogue for the people she loves. Her smile could cover up so much, even if we knew her entire past we could not guess which part she is presently covering up. Her smile is diversely beautiful. It’s a work of art that covers a work of art. It hides her pain and exposes what she treasures. So the next time she smiles just remember… there’s more to her smile than beautiful lips that are widened to form an outer display of her current state of pleasure.

Categories: Uplifting Poems