Hurt, Not Broken

Published by Rodrick Bates on


The last person generated many afflictions inside your heart.  Now you’re hurt, because love didn’t go according to plan.  All of their contradictions to love have you wondering who you really are, but beauty doesn’t change because of damage that was done by man.  Another person can hurt and desert you, but they can never break you.  It may seem hard to feel whole again when all you know is them, but realizing they never deserved you is what really ignites your break through.  You can control yourself, but you’ll never be able to control someone else.  You’re hurt, but not broken, so you can definitely move on.  Just learn your worth and value yourself much more than your past did.  Take your heart away from pain and do what it takes to make you feel happy again.  Then look in the mirror; smile and say, “Look at what I did.” And with that same smile, forgive them. Not for them, but to release the pain you were holding. Once forgiveness has been spoken you will see that you were hurt, not broken.

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