Inner Beauty

Published by Rodrick Bates on


If looking in the mirror makes you insecure inside, then insecurity dwells where beauty should reside. You may think that you can’t see it, but your beauty is already done. Keep reading this and believing that you’re as beautiful as anyone. If you look into the mirror with doubt in your mind that what you see is beautiful – always remember this next line. “Beauty always begins within, holding the things that I can’t see, and once I learn to let go of them my beauty will glow physically.” God created us all and his creations are never flawed, but he left it up to us to make sure our inner beauty’s installed. When your outer beauty glows, don’t let your inner beauty go. For it’s the beauty we can’t see that really shows the most. It’s not about unattractiveness. It’s about true self-happiness, and to truly be happy with you, it all begins with this… Inner Beauty.

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