Love vs In Love

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Love – Love  is the hardest word to define in this world, and maybe it’s such a difficult word to define because we’re probably searching for an answer to the wrong question.  When someone asks us to define love we quickly start describing our vision of a romantic relationship, which love is not.  The true definition of love is God.  “God is love”, it’s stated simply in the bible.  When someone asks us to define love what most of us are really defining is being in love, which is the answer to a totally different question.  Love is what God demands from us; to be in love is a gift from God if we should be so blessed to receive it.  Love lasts forever, but with a romantic relationship you could fall in and out of love continuously with the same person or multiple people throughout your life.  While experiencing these out of love moments you could still love that person you were in love with.  Love usually includes, for example:  family love, best friend love, and so on.  If love is real it will last forever because that’s what love is, and that’s what God is.

In Love – As mentioned before, being in love is a gift from God, but since this is a gift and not a demand from God, we all have different thoughts of what this phrase really means.  The truth of the matter is; there is no right or wrong way to define the phrase being in love.  There really is no way that one person can say how everyone else should feel because that’s how they feel when they’re in love.  However, it is important for you and the person that you’re in love with to have some similar interest in what the phrase means or you both will see your relationship going in different directions.  One of the strangest things about being in love is that the best and worst feelings you’ve ever experienced in your life could be caused by the same person.  Being in love has way more strength and ability to take you through changes (emotionally, physically, and mentally) than love does. Being in love is a choice and a chance that we take with our hearts and our trust.  If you can’t accept your lover for who they are and not for whom you want them to be, then you are not in love unconditionally.  Always realize that the person you’re in love with may have a different way of showing that than you do. Keeping a relationship together that carries the title of being in love can become work, but if you’re working more than you enjoy being in love then you’re ruining God’s gift.

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