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I don’t know how long this will last. Will my anxiety pass or will I have sleepless nights every day of my life until I am able to reach out and touch what I’ve never had? Love! I know you are just that… Love! It just doesn’t seem right when I can’t touch you because you’re not within my sight. I’ve seen your words and I’ve heard your beautiful voice. I think my arms deserve to be around your beautiful core. Love! I see you, but we’re divided by a wall made of glass. Every time I try touching you and hugging you I end up reaching out for something that I can’t grasp. When I wake up each day, my very first thought is of you, and when my thoughts rest, they turn into dreams of you. I always dream of the day my heart lives inside of you. Your address is unknown to me, but I am so ready to move. I don’t want to spend the night; I want to spend my life. Love! You seem so far away, but is distance really distance if I never attempted to travel that road with persistence. Smiling, because I can see myself knocking at your door and asking you to make my life and heart a part of yours. Love! You are everything I’ve been impatiently waiting for. I relate to you mentally, I feel you emotionally, and I think of you until imagery projects you visually. All I haven’t seen is you physically within arm’s reach. Love! If we ever get the chance and the pleasure to meet; upon contact, we’ll form a contract that can’t be breached.

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