Lovers or Friends

Published by Rodrick Bates on


From our very first conversations I felt strong relations
But I didn’t know I’d be thinking of relations with the ship
Our conversations are elevating into something so amazing
That I don’t even know how to define what this really is
My mind’s stuck between friendship and what love gives

Sometimes I want to reach out and tell you the truth
But I don’t want you to end up feeling confused like I do
I know that as long as you’re my friend… I can’t lose
The quest begins when taking a chance on something new
If the song begins, I have no clue of how to dance with you

Lovers or friends; no matter what, it’s going to be us two
But if I cross that line to say what’s really on my mind
I could be taking a chance on losing what’s hard to find
Which is a true friendship with few chances to end with
Broken hearts because of what we had chosen to start

But if I let the way I feel about you stay deep down inside
I could go through life watching someone else enjoy my prize
Yes, you are a gift, but not if I let my thoughts run dry
I just need enough water to help me swallow my pride
So I can wake each day and say that I have really tried

Lovers or friends, I don’t ever want our friendship to end
But how can I win if I don’t ever roll the dice with them
I’m stuck at a fork in the road without a steering wheel
Because I love you, but I want to be in love with you
How am I supposed to compromise the way that I feel?

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