Made For Me

Published by Rodrick Bates on


When the white clouds in your sky turn gray,
When you feel like there’s no more sunny days,
When it seems to always rain on your parade,
And this world causes your happiness to fade,
Your tears… they’re made for me.

When you’re afraid to walk into the dark,
When the light on the other side seems too far,
When you’re walking into the unknown,
When you don’t realize your limit is the stars,
Your fears… they’re made for me.

When you think about love in the past,
When think about how you always came last,
When you want to know how it feels to be first,
When you want to feel loved without having to ask,
Your time… it’s made for me.

When you want an intelligent conversation
That doesn’t end in a sexual situation.
When you want to be adored more mentally
Without being wanted for what is seen.
Your mind… it’s made for me.

When it seems like your day was far too long,
When everything that came your way went wrong,
When you feel like you were hit with stones,
When it’s finally over and you make it home,
Your voice… it’s made for me.

When something is troubling your mind,
When some things are taking too much of your time,
When your brain feels like it’s in overdrive,
And the answers, you can’t seem to provide,
Your concern… it’s made for me.

When the world keeps letting you down,
When all your devotion is abused and drowned,
When your heart has been played around,
When loyalty has never been found,
Your trust… it’s made for me.

When you don’t have the strength to believe
That you have the power to accomplish anything.
When you set out the goals you want to achieve
And you don’t really know if you can succeed,
Your doubts… they’re made for me.

When the beautiful days keep you grinning,
When you feel thankful just because you’re living,
When your stress is less because you’re blessed,
When your entire world is filled with happiness,
Your smile… it’s made for me.

When you want your heart to beat with love,
When you want to feel an emotional touch,
When you want a love that’s hard to find,
And you want to share that love for a lifetime,
Your heart… it’s made for me.

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