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After all this time that we have spent and shared together, in my mind I still find that your heart is still sheltered. I know the past makes you hesitate with moving too fast, but I want to dry the rain and help your sun shine forever. But only together may we find this kind of weather. I feel like you’re protecting your heart with a shield and it’s repelling certain parts of the love that I give. You’re letting me love you, but not every part of you, and I’m doing my best to show you that I’m for real. But all my gestures of love get questioned or appealed. Your heart has a wall up that’s standing too tall for us. When all I really want to see is your heart not covered up. I promise if you give your heart to me without clothes on, I’ll bathe it and let it skinny dip forever in my tub of love. When it’s soaked enough, you can have whatever you want. I’m not out to make love. I’m ready to create love, but it can never be built without a solid foundation. I love you and I hope you completely relate to this, so that this feeling I’m feeling can be reciprocated. For my healing is your will to show me your heart naked.

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