One Little Lie

Published by Rodrick Bates on

Never gave me the chance to accept or reject you based on the truth. You showed me that you wanted all of me just to get a part of me. Instead of telling me what you really wanted you told me what you thought I wanted so you could get what you really wanted. Based on your actions and words, for months I invested myself wholeheartedly and started giving you that special part of me. You pretended to be mentally and emotionally vested but you were only physically connected. It took me a while to digest this little lie that led me to living a life that was never mine. One little lie led to a light that I thought was bright, but now that I’m no longer blind I can see that it never really shined. I spent years begging and bargaining for time that was never really mine. I could feel my heart hardening as I pardoned you so many times. I don’t understand how a person could take another person through pain and never feel a thing. You faked an entire relationship and even talked about marriage and kids. You kept telling me whatever I wanted to hear so that you could stay around and continue to feel however you wanted to feel. One little lie allowed me to be immersed in a counterfeit love that was well coerced. The pain is real but it could have been worse. They say the truth always hurts. Only if the lie comes first.

Categories: Heartbroken Poems