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It’s cold living in the same household
With someone that you don’t even know
We’re separate soles that used to be a whole
I don’t know what guided us to dividing love
When we used to share it from the same bowl

We used to wear it like the same clothes
I remember when it was you and me
But now it’s just you then me
It feels like you’re just here physically
And your heart has gone overseas

You were my better half for cries and laughs
And now that better half of you is gone
We may as well be in Iraq or Baghdad
Because our love is an overseas war zone
I pray God oversees us before we’re alone

I know that Jesus was hit with stones
But is love really supposed to hurt this bad
I really miss the togetherness we had
I hate how the weather gets when it’s sad
I rather rebuild and better this than be mad

But I feel like your heart has gone overseas
And you’re blowing love like unraked leaves
Honestly, I don’t know what to believe
When your mouth is shut and padlocked
Like a prisoner overseas who wants to be freed

I thought communication was the key
But if your voice remains unheard to me
What am I to think when you’re thinking silently
Assume to make an ass out of you and me?
Because you act private and move cautiously

I hate that you’re leaving me with the unknown
I don’t want a house full of furniture
And still be living in an empty home
You seem like a prisoner overseas to me
That wants to be freed, but has the key

If you went awol this love would fall
But don’t remain present giving nothing at all
Not getting along in your own home is like
A prisoner who wants to be freed but can’t fight
I just hope this love isn’t shell shocked for life

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