About Rodrick

Hello! I’m Rodrick Bates, creative writer at Emotions of Love.

How I got here,

I think with a personality that was always tilted more toward the reserved side, writing was destined to become one of my best friends. The union between pen, paper, poetry, and myself officially formed in the late 90’s when I was searching for a unique way to articulate the feelings I had in a relationship. After my first poem was born, out of nervousness I held on to it for a few days. When I finally gathered the strength to let my girl read it, I don’t know if I was more shocked from how special it made her feel or that I could actually write something that made someone feel that special.

After a few years of poetically pouring my personal feelings out in ink, I challenged my imagination and started writing about the relationships around me, how other people may feel, or have felt. I was also using songs, television, and movies for inspiration. I was basically tapping my feelings into emotions that did not belong to me, then writing as if they were mine. Eventually I gained even more courage and began allowing people within my circle to lay eyes on my sacred words. The feedback was always great and encouraging, but there was a part of me that thought some of the feedback was biased because it was coming from people I knew. The last confirmation that the gift of writing was given to me came in 2005 when I began sharing my work with strangers, which was just in time to catch the O.G. of social media – Myspace. It was great hearing the encouraging words from family and friends, but getting comments and messages from complete strangers letting me know how much they were touched by my words was a totally different form of validation.

In 2008 Facebook began taking social media to another level. I jumped along for the ride, and the rest is history. I began receiving requests from family, friends, and supporters to write poems about their feelings – including proposals, weddings vows, love interest, breakups, loss of loved ones, etc.  I created several facebook fan pages before finally settling down on facebook at Emotions of Love

In 2006 I self published my first compilation of poems titled “Emotions of Love”, which is where this website title originated. My writing journey started as a twenty year old searching for an emotional outlet. I never imagined that my words would become an outlet for others. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.