Self Love & Self Worth

Published by Rodrick Bates on


All women and men really need to understand this; you can’t fly high in true love until self love has truly landed.  If you don’t love yourself, how could you look at someone else and demand it?  If you don’t know your worth you could cheat yourself out of what you deserve, and love may never go the way that you planned it.  No one can set a better example of how to treat you better than you can.  If you attempt to give your love away when self-love and self-worth are not present; your heart could end up with more jagged edges than a used can.  It’s hard to give someone something that you don’t have.  It’s even harder to be faithful to something within you that doesn’t exist.  Love is supposed to be a gift, but if you don’t love yourself before you attempt to unwrap it; all you’ll really be giving away is a wish.  When you learn your worth and become faithful to yourself; you won’t let any woman or man use you again and again; abuse you again and again, or lose you again and again. Self-love and self-worth give you strength to be faithful to who you are, and to naturally build a low tolerance for people who leave you with scars.  If you go to bed every night with the same person who makes you feel worthless when you wake up; you don’t know your worth, because there is no self-love.  Loving yourself decreases your chances of being misled by temporary pleasures that never take love off the shelf.  You should love and appreciate yourself so much that no one could ever depreciate your wealth.  Self-love and self-worth give you more control over what happens to your heart. When you love yourself as a whole, you won’t let a sole tear you apart.

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