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For all of your relationships that did not work out, there is only one common denominator. You! Although you may have come across some people who have caused you a lot of pain, it’s okay to admit that you made some bad choices in the past. Sometimes pain is the result of when lust was mistaken for love and you went all in with your heart only to have it broken because you were blinded by deception. But don’t let your pain cause you to group all people into one category. There’s a big difference between all and all the ones you’ve dated. Forgive the ones who have hurt you. Forgiveness doesn’t have to come face to face, through a phone call, or text message. The best part about forgiveness is that it can lift an emotional and mental weight from your heart and brain. Forgiveness can happen while you’re lying in your bed in your peaceful zone.  An honest, emotional, and mental forgiveness within yourself to the bearer of your pain could be more than enough for you to release the negative energy you display. Forgiveness also returns a power to you that no one else deserved or should have had, but as long as you remain bitter and angry, the person who has hurt you wins. Don’t allow your previous pain to handicap the happiness of your future. At some point you have to stop living life trapped within an emotional room with the tallest and thickest walls. No, you shouldn’t let your guard down for everyone who says hello, but just understand that everyone who says hello is not a person looking to take advantage of you.

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