Genuine Sentiments On Wedding Day

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Immeasurable distances. Immeasurable times. Only God knows who, what, where, and why. The day he brought us into each other’s lives, I realized that I’m experiencing God’s most precious prize, love. It’s not about you; it’s not about me; it’s all about us. You, me, and God! Now that we have God braided throughout our hearts; we are one and a rope is formed to never allow us to part. With these three strands: God, woman, and man; no storm can be too stormy and no devil can be too devilish. Our love is conjoined by a God who can weather devilish pits. It just doesn’t get better than this. When it came to love, I felt like God was never aiming for me and now that I’m hit… it feels like I’ve never been missed. I would always question his plan but I never stopped praying, and till this day I know it was faith that delivered these three strands.

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