Today Starts Forever

Published by Rodrick Bates on


Ever since my heart has grasped the love you hold, the anticipation of this day has done nothing but grown. Before you introduced me to a world I didn’t know, I couldn’t gravitate. I was lost floating in space. Now love is my axis and your heart is my globe. Now everything on this earth revolves around you. Everything I couldn’t find at first I found in you. I found a heart that speaks to me with its every beat, and there’s no better sound than the sound of you accepting my heart forever with all of its needs. Today starts forever together. No more separately. For worse or better. Through rain, snow, or sleet, my heart will sustain any weather for you and me. No matter how difficult the times may be, I promise to never let anything separate this unity. Before you I had no clue of what true love could really do. I never knew love’s worth until God made love work with you. I only thought hearts beat. I never knew they moved. There are so many things I never knew before you. Maybe God thought that it was time I find the truth. Every time I press rewind I always find lovely thoughts of you that God has brought me to. I feel so fortunate to stare into your eyes and accept your heart for life while you’re accepting mine. After all the inclement weather that separated so many forevers, I can finally say we’re in this together, until the end of time.

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