True Man

Published by Rodrick Bates on


He appreciates who you are, the love inside your heart, and all the things you do; no matter how big or small they are. He’s masculine but that won’t mask what’s inside of him. He’s sensitive to your wants, your needs, and your thoughts, but his inner strength is brawn enough to satisfy all of three of them. He won’t let love be destroyed by regretful infidelities. The only other love he has for women are within his family, especially his mother, and he respects you just like he respects her. He won’t let special occasions arrive before love does, because you are every single day on his calendar. He’ll always be the king that treats you as his queen. He understands there may be times that you don’t get along, but the last thing on his mind is to ever leave his throne. He’s man enough to admit his faults when he is wrong, and he’ll stand up against anyone who causes you harm. He doesn’t just create children; he’s naturally willing to make them a part of his life; no matter how he is living. Whether it’s a hobby, work, or school; he is encouraging and supportive of everything you do. And when you need his hand, he is ready to walk with you. He won’t allow his commitment to become a convenience and slowly let the time you share come in the form of rare. He’ll make you feel secure about him always being there. For worse or better, through any weather, you are his plan, and if you’re his plan forever… he’ll forever be a true man.

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