Vow To You

Published by Rodrick Bates on


As I stand here holding your hand. I vow that I will stand for everything that you stand for as we carry out God’s plan, while completing his loving chores. I’m so blessed to have this heart that was created for me by God, and I vow that I will work hard to be everything that I am and everything that I’m not. No matter what this world may bring, I’ll care for you immeasurably. Your heart is where I’ll always be, because without your love inside of me; my heart would dwindle to nothing. I vow to be the sponge that soaks up all of your rain and I vow to be the plunge that resurfaces your joy again, so that happiness is where we stand. You will always be a part of my plans. I can’t win with just these hands. It’s the unity of you and me that helps make me who I am, and this makes me so complete. Each day I thank God that it is He who gives me the vision to see… your worth, your joy, your hurt. Behind all your countless beauty there stands a body of God’s work. To cause your heart pain, never! I vow to you, love forever. I know that I will make mistakes, but not one will cause your heart to break, and keeping these vows will hold us together. When the load gets too heavy to hold, I vow to be dependable. When your heart is too weak to speak, put your chest against my chest and take part of my heart beat. I vow these feelings of love through all sickness and health. I’m here for richer or poorer, and until we’re parted by death these vows will be endured. God is blessing our lives for an entire lifetime. As I look into your eyes I hope you see the happiness in mine. No matter what we’re going through, we’re going through it as two. As we exchange these rings, there’s so many beautiful things to come… after this day we say I do.

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