We Us & Ours

Published by Rodrick Bates on


For so long I have lived for just me, myself, and I. Now I have found a gift, which is a love outside of me that feels so good inside. The way that togetherness lies. The way that the weather has chimed is causing my heart to provide a feeling I can’t describe. As love has blown unexplained feelings into both our lives, it’s been the best emotional healing and I’m ecstatic that love is no longer just mine. All the rain from previous pain has turned into love showers, because me, myself, and I has been devoured by we, us, and ours. I still remember when the wind blew and the chimes were only mine, but now the sound of wind makes me think of you and how they’re intertwined. The more this love is absorbed, the more I feel adored. Yes, I’m just soaking up the fact that I love you and the fact that you love me too. I’m glad self-love was devoured and me, myself, and I is now we, us, and ours.

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